The Detective and The Woman Trilogy

The Detective and The Woman Trilogy

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The Detective and The Woman Trilogy follows Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler to the shores of Florida, the Sussex Downs, and the streets of London, where they combine wits to solve crimes and save their friends. An association formed out of personal adversity, the relationship between Holmes and Adler is that of equals but also, in many ways, opposites. Their personalities unite and conflict in mercurial and intoxicating ways through three mysteries that challenge each to defeat both external challenges and internal demons to become an unbreakable partnership. Theft, deceit, and murder are not enough to defeat the redoubtable pair, even as the stakes grow higher with each challenge they face.

ISBN: 9781787053335  Page count: 496  Publication-date: 25th October 2018

Author Name: Amy Thomas

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