Sherlockian Author Profile - Susan Knight

A lifelong fan of Sherlock Holmes, Susan has always been interested in the somewhat shadowy figure of his landlady, Mrs Hudson, and finally decided to give her a voice. There are now two novels - 'Mrs Hudson Goes to Ireland' and 'Death In The Garden of England'.

A previous collection of seven stories, 'Mrs Hudson Investigates', sees the landlady bringing a practical and feminine perspective to bear on a series of mysteries.

Susan has published two other short story collections, 'Letting Rip' and 'Out of Order', which was long-listed for the Edgehill short story collection of the year. In addition, she is the author of three novels, 'The Invisible Woman', 'Grimaldi's Garden' and 'Gomorrah'. She also compiled a non-fiction book of interviews with immigrant women living in Ireland, 'Where the Grass is Greener'. Her plays have been produced on stage and radio and include 'Mr Moonlight', 'Upstairs', 'Amazon' and 'A Simple Twist of Fate'.

She has won several prizes including the James Plunkett memorial award, the Bryan MacMahon award and the Mollie Keane award, all for short stories. She was born in Kent and attended Essex University. She has lived in Ireland for many years where she teaches Creative Writing at the People's College, Dublin.