Sherlockian Author Profile - Phil Growick

Phil Growick has written two Sherlock Holmes novels featuring the Romanovs - 'The Secret Journal of Dr Watson' and 'The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes'. Both received the Conan Doyle Estate Seal and both have been translated into Italian as part of the Mondadori collection. They are also released together is a special edition hardcover 'Sherlock Holmes and The Romanov Conspiracies'.

In 2018 Phil created The Art of Sherlock Holmes - a unique concept creating pieces of art based on Sherlock Holmes stories. The collection has grown to four books and a total of 56 pieces of art from artists around the world. The books feature the stories alongside the art. Many of the original pieces of art have sold - including at two Art of Sherlock Holmes exhibitions held before the pandemic.

Fans can now see all the art in The Art of Sherlock Holmes Virtual Gallery and buy authenticated prints that have been licensed by family estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Phil has also contributed a story to The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories (in Volume III), the largest collection of Sherlock Holmes stories in the world.