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The Sensible Necktie and other stories of Sherlock Holmes

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From the author of The Cotswolds Werewolf comes a new collection of Sherlock Holmes pastiches in the vein of Conan Doyle, revealing for the first time the secrets behind the theft of the hobnailed boots, the mysterious madness of the Right Honourable Wilfred Crabb, the case of the haunted public house, the curious and seemingly supernatural events surrounding a remote hotel on the east coast, and the truth behind the strange disappearance of Cyrus Thicknesse, the man in the sensible necktie.“I must say, Holmes, I am a bit surprised to see you taking an interest in something based on sympathy.”

         “You do not think me sympathetic?”

         “Of course I do. But you have said yourself that it is the rational challenge and not the human aspect that draws you to your cases. Humans are mere factors in a problem, I think were your words.”

         “Did I really say that? Hm, well, I am an odd sort, am I not?”

Author Name: Peter K. Andersson

ISBN: 9781780928159

Page count: 208

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