Sherlock Holmes: The Tales of Darkness - Hardcover

Sherlock Holmes: The Tales of Darkness - Hardcover

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Although Sherlock Holmes had always refused to accept the potential influences of the supernatural upon the many cases with which he had been presented, there had certainly been a few which had sowed a seed of doubt within the mind of his friend and colleague, Dr. Watson. Obviously, The Hound of the Baskervilles and "The Sussex Vampire" are prime examples of these, but they are not the only ones! The apparition of a lady dressed in white and long thought dead, a deadly and shadowy form that wreaks terror on the heath and a figure from the past who has accrued the power to commune with the dead! Here is collection of cases, some new, together with a few old favourites which sorely test Holmes' long-held beliefs to their very limits!

The Adventure of the Shadow on the Heath

The Mystery of the Faceless Man

The Adventure of the Black Plague

The Mystery of the Haunted Crypt

The Adventure of the Risen Corpse

The Terror of Asgard Tower

The Necromancer Part One: A Familiar Hand

The Necromancer Part Two: A Familiar Face

The Mystery of the Mumbling Duellist

The Affair of the Unholy Night


Author: Paul D. Gilbert

Format: Hardcover (also available in Paperback)

ISBN: 9781804242469

Pages: 216

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