Sherlockian Author Profile - Marcia Wilson

Marcia has won awards for photography, illustration, and writing, but the writing is the biggest challenge. A Canonical Pastiche writer, she sticks to crafting work that does not interfere with the facts as written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. For this and other reasons, Author/Editor David Marcum says she has discovered Scotland Yard's Tin Dispatch Box. She'll always be thankful to him for introducing her to MX Publishing and the chance to support Stepping Stones and Undershaw. She recently branched into graphic arts and designed her own ebook covers (To Be Released Soon).

Her writing credits include Titan Books, Mocha Memoirs, and Grey Rabbit. Her research essay, 'What is This Thing, Thomas Jefferson?" won 2nd place in the WV Writer's Competition. Her photography work has been used for the GRWA newsletter, and publications such as Tim McKinney's 'The Civil War in Greenbrier County'

Her illustrations can be found in Tom Turley's works. Go read them - they’re amazing.

In real life she lives in the Puget Sound region, plugging away at day jobs while finishing that pesky science degree. Anything that gets her out of doors is a welcome opportunity to take photos, collect data, and maybe write it into a murder mystery.