Sherlockian Author Profile - Janina Woods

Janina Woods is a game designer turned author, developing Virtual Reality experiences during the day and writing the night away. She adores tricky mysteries and unlikely detectives, as well as horror and science fiction. For MX Publishing she has written two novels about Sherlock’s older brother Mycroft, who is reinterpreted as an agent in the Secret Service and is using his depiction in Watson’s stories as a front. While she writes classic Holmes mysteries for ‘Dear Holmes’, she is a big fan of reimagined Holmes characters in new worlds and with new challenges.  

When she isn’t writing (which is a rare thing indeed), she is an avid gamer and reader. She visits London several times a year to fuel her inspiration for new Holmes and has a fondness for mudlarking to feel connected to the history of the city with her own hands. Janina lives in Switzerland (about 1.5h from the Reichenbachfall) with her partner and two cats, who don’t understand the meaning of personal space.