Sherlockian Author Profile - Dean Turnbloom

Dean Turnbloom lives and writes in southern California after growing up in southern Indiana. His political side can be seen in his former avocation as an editorial cartoonist and in his series of books that display the national prize winning cartoons of your favorite editorial cartoonist, Prizewinning Political Cartoons. This series informs the readers about the national contests for editorial cartoonists as well as displaying the work and bios of the cartoonists themselves. 

In fiction, Dean's tastes run to the macabre. His first short story was published in L&L Dreamspell's Horror edition. He has a self-published short story available for those who would like to sample his work, The Banshee of the Rannoch Moor. His first novel, published by MX Publishing is SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE WHITECHAPEL VAMPIRE.

Excerpt from Fresh Fiction review for SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE WHITECHAPEL VAMPIRE:

"Dean Turnbloom takes Sherlock Holmes and brilliantly transforms him into a ruthless vampire hunter. Baron Antonio Barlucci is wealthy, handsome, and seduces the readers with his charm. The readers will delight in Holmes' immaculately clever detective work which leads him straight to the equally clever baron. Barlucci's unexpected love for Abigail is reminiscent of Dracula's love for Mina. The baron, too, has a love he has never forgotten. Dean Turnbloom's novel is a delightful total original read which fans of all genres will love. SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE WHITECHAPEL VAMPIRE takes Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, and Jack the Ripper and creates a riveting masterpiece of suspense and forbidden romance."

This book was two years in the making and a well-researched historical mystery fiction. Genres crossed in this book are Detective/historical fiction/Dark Fantasy.

Victorian England's most famous consulting detective and Scotland Yard are hot on the trail of Jack the Ripper, but in Sherlock Holmes and the Whitechapel Vampire, London's most notorious serial killer could be Holmes' undoing as the two match wits in this, my first novel.

From the back cover:

Jack the Ripper is on the loose, terrorizing the streets of London's seamy East End in Sherlock Holmes and the Whitechapel Vampire.

In this fast-paced novel set in the Victorian London of 1888, a string of heinous murders in London's East End has Inspector Abberline of Scotland Yard baffled and his boss, Commissioner Sir Charles Warren furious that no arrests have been made of the culprit the newspapers have dubbed "Jack the Ripper".

With pressure for an arrest mounting, a reluctant Abberline calls on Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson for assistance. Using a combination of intuition, luck, and good old-fashioned police work, the trail they follow leads them directly to Baron Antonio Barlucci. The wealthy Italian financier is a long time family friend of Sir Charles and a ruthless vampire. His trail of blood stretches from Paris to London and if he's not captured soon an innocent young Italian immigrant will swing from the gallows for a murder he didn't commit.

The baron, though, has other plans. He's come to London to enlist the aid of a young American, Dr. Alan Tremaine, to cure his vampirism. To complicate matters, the baron has fallen in love with Sir Charles niece, Abigail Drake.

Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts, "Jack the Ripper" aficionados and fans of old school vampires will find something to love in this meticulously researched novel that dares cross multiple genres.

The seventh of eight children of a southern Indiana coal miner and his wife, Dean was born in 1954. He joined the US Navy in 1973, where he served for thirty years. It was while he was in the Navy that he met and married a beautiful California girl, Nanette, and together they had three children.

Dean is the author of a series of books published by Pelican Publishing Co., Inc., entitled, PRIZEWINNING POLITICAL CARTOONS and has editions in print for the years 2008, 2010, 2011, with the 2012 edition to be released in March 2012. In addition, his short stories have been published by L&L Dreamspell and by Death Head Grin. Dean currently resides in southern California with his wife of thirty-four years, their three children, two grandchildren, four dogs, two cats and a bird (not all in the same household).