Sherlockian Author Profile - Dan Andriacco

A former journalist and reviewer of mystery books, Dan Andriacco BSI has been leader of The Tankerville Club, a scion society of the Baker Street Irregulars, since 2018 and a member since 1981. He has written much and spoken widely about Sherlock Holmes, while producing at least one new mystery novel a year since 2011.

His goal in writing mysteries and critical works about the field (including Sherlock Holmes) is to entertain; he strives to be both fun and funny, and reviews indicate that he has accomplished this. He sees no end to his main mystery series, featuring Sebastian McCabe, Jeff & Lynda Cody, and the small town of Erin on the banks of the Ohio River. 
Dan and his wife, Ann Brauer Andriacco, have three grown children and six grandchildren. They enjoy traveling, an endless source of experiences that are reflected in Dan's writing.

Dan became a Baker Street Irregular (BSI) in January 2021.