Sherlockian Author Profile - Claire Daines

My first encounter with Sherlock Holmes was ‘Silver Blaze’ at ten years old, and he’s been on my radar ever since. My first attempts at writing him, however, didn’t happen for another twenty-odd years. ‘A Study in Regret’ was born from a one-shot fanfic, inspired by fellow Holmesian Madeline Quiñones. We’ve had a lot of fun since then encouraging each other shamelessly in our shared obsession. 

The common thread among all my books so far seems to be exploring alternate universes: killing off Watson at Reichenbach Falls (I’m still in hiding from a few outraged readers!), replacing Ebenezer Scrooge with James Moriarty, and sending the entire Holmes canon down the rabbit hole to Wonderland. And there’s plenty more oddball ideas where those came from... as well as the long-awaited sequel to ‘Regret’, ‘The Final Solution’. It’s coming, I promise!