Sherlockian Author Profile - Charles Veley

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James in Victorian London!
You may be looking for more Sherlock Holmes stories, but haven't yet found a series that charms you and speaks to your heart. Maybe you can still remember how you felt when you first encountered the greatest detective of them all. You'd like to recapture that feeling, and rekindle that sense of excitement and sheer fun . . . 

Well, you've come to the right place! If you love a strong heroine and a classic Sherlock Holmes, you're going to love this series. It's a fresh, faithful reimagining of the great detective and his brave, brilliant daughter, Lucy James.

"Entertaining . . . a clever variation on a familiar theme . . . Comparable Title: Laurie R. King's The Beekeeper's Apprentice." says Publisher's Weekly.
"A new way to enjoy Sherlockian mysteries." says The Santa Barbara Independent.

Since Sherlock Holmes first appeared in print in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 1887 novel A Study in Scarlet, the fictional detective has gone on to become one of the most beloved and iconic characters of all time, spawning thousands of stage and radio plays, television shows, films, and books. 130 years later, in 2017, father-daughter author duo Charles Veley and Anna Elliott teamed up to release their first collaboration - Remember, Remember - in the Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery Series. With the pair's debut, they provided readers young and old with a fresh yet faithful reimagining of the Great Detective, and earned praise from Publishers Weekly: ("a winning" addition to the Holmesian canon"), The Historical Novel Society ("charming and amusing"), and more.

In the Sherlock & Lucy series, Holmes - as brilliant and engaging as ever - is the father of Lucy James: an independent, modern-minded American actress living in Victorian London who inherited her father's intelligence, detective skills, and bravery.

Each book centers on Sherlock and Lucy as they collaborate on solving a crime, and contains clean language, exciting conflicts, and imaginative mysteries in the Conan Doyle tradition. The books are as enjoyable as 'standalone' stories as they are read in consecutive order.

"While the Victorian era looked in many ways very different from our own - corsets! Lack of indoor plumbing! No iPhones! - there are human themes like love and family, and darker themes like crime and hate, that are still universal," Anna Elliott says of the Sherlock & Lucy books. "Our stories are built on absolute love and respect for the original Sherlock Holmes canon, and yet give the reader a few more glimpses of that humanity hinted at in the Conan Doyle stories," she continues.

Hundreds of ordinary readers and many professional reviewers have praised the series for the genuine relationship between Holmes and Watson, for the exciting, engaging character of his daughter, and for the gripping, compelling pace of each of the stories. Many are also pleased to see a hint of warmth coming from Holmes, and for the clean, family-friendly values - reminiscent of those in the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle canon - that underlie the tales. The Sherlock and Lucy series has been recommended by the Library of Clean Reads.

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