Sherlock Holmes Cartoons From A Warped Mind by Don Hobbs

This all started in the fall of 2011 when my wife Joyce and I stumbled across the Napoleon Museum during our "Roaming Rome" vacation. Inside there was an art exhibit by Chiam Koppleman, the American artist known for his works of Aesthetic Realism. The exhibit was entitled 'Napoleon Enters New York' and it featured drawings and paintings of Napoleon in various unfamiliar settings, like entering Coney Island or riding alligators. His Bicones hat and his epaulette-coat were always present in the pictures and something about this exhibit struck a chord with me. Immediately I knew I had to start my own series of drawings. Thus was born Aesthetic Sherlockian Realism. The pipe and deerstalker replace the epaulettes and Bicones. The Master replaces the Emperor. So enjoy my artistic adventure where the game is afoot.