2024 Page A Day Sherlock Holmes Calendar

2024 Page A Day Sherlock Holmes Calendar

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We still have a few 2024 Page Per Day Calendars in stock. Hurry and grab yours before they're gone.  But hey, if you miss out on the print version or you live outside of the UK or USA, then we do have a digital PDF edition for just $8.95

About This Calendar:

Following the success of the four volumes of A Study In Illustrations by Mike Foy, an interesting collaboration surfaced between Mike and bestselling Holmes novelist and editor Richard Ryan. The result is a unique and fascinating 'page a day' calendar perfect for Sherlock Holmes fans. 

Each of the 366 days of 2024 (yes, it's a leap year) features a different image, quote/quip from the canon and an 'on this day event'.


Mike draws from over one thousand images he has compiled thus far for the Study In Illustrations series and Richard adds quotes from the canon and interesting facts related to each day.

The calendar is mounted on a stand and each day tears off to reveal the next.

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