Sherlock Holmes and The Unholy Trinity - Hardcover

Sherlock Holmes and The Unholy Trinity - Hardcover

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A colourfully dressed Bedouin brandishing a sword interrupts Holmes and Watson at their breakfast table. He brings a cryptic warning: stay out of the affairs of his people, or face the consequences.

Just as the detecting duo begin unravelling that mystery, they are summoned to Vatican City. Cardinal Tosca, the Pope’s right-hand man, has been murdered at his desk and his translation of an ancient scroll has been stolen from the Papal palace.

The great detective and his faithful Watson find themselves battling a fog of secrecy. Rumours swirl about a lost gospel and mysterious packages from Egypt, and whispers of a clandestine group known only as the ‘Unholy Trinity’ grow louder.

What was the Bedouin intruder so desperate to hide? Why was Cardinal Tosca’s scroll worth killing for?

To find the answer Holmes and Watson must go further than they have ever gone before to uncover a centuries old conspiracy.

Does this mystery run too deep for even the world’s most famous detective to unravel?

In the first part of the carefully crafted first of the Odyssey of Sherlock Holmes Trilogy, Paul D. Gilbert sends this beloved British sleuth from his native Baker Street over land and sea to solve new mysteries.

Author: Paul D. Gilbert
ISBN: 9781804240328

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