The Woman In Red (McCabe and Cody Book 12)

The Woman In Red (McCabe and Cody Book 12)

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About This Book:

Murder Among Supervillains

As a professor of popular culture in his day job, amateur sleuth Sebastian McCabe knows a bit about superheroes, supervillains, and the various graphic novel universes. But that's not much help when murder strikes at the Tri-State Comic Book Expo. Potential suspects number in the thousands, including some A-list Hollywood actors as well as comic book professionals and a collector.

It all begins with Erin, Ohio-based artist-writer Parker Williams, creator of the superhero Red Falcon, being accused of plagiarizing the character of his newest supervillain, Queen Bee. Mac and best friend Jeff Cody take a special interest because they know Williams from another case. When accuser Gavin Frost-Pierson and Williams both shows up at the Expo, tensions run high.

Before long, McCabe and Cody are dealing with murder in an elevator and a dying message that leads to a search for the mysterious woman in red-or perhaps not a woman at all-at an event in which many participants are costumed for cosplay. And in this third year of COVID, some individuals are un-costumed participants still wearing masks as well. 

Then again, not all masks are obvious. Who has a murderous heart? And what role does a forged comic book cover play?

When a suspect flees police after the second murder, Police Chief Oscar Hummel is convinced he has the murderer. Sebastian McCabe is certain his old friend is wrong but has a hard time coming up with an alternative theory.

Dan Andriacco

23rd November 2023

ISBN 9781804243251

The 12th Novel in the McCabe and Cody Series

You can see all of Andriacco's books in the Dan Andriacco Sherlockian Profile.  

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