The Woodland Grave (Digital PDF)

The Woodland Grave (Digital PDF)

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In the dead of night two young women meet by chance on a hillside. Chris is the squire’s daughter and Gerry a visitor to her village.

Although Chris has lived all her life in the countryside and Gerry is a London sophisticate, they become close friends.

They are taking a walk when Chris timidly enquires how long Gerry intends to stay in the village. In response, Gerry indicates a small wood a mile or two away. ‘My lover is buried there,’ she announces. ‘Soon it will be a year and a day since his death and I’ve come to stand by his grave.’

Author:    Tony Reynolds

Date: 29th May 2024 (available now from this site)

Format: Digital PDF  (also available in Paperback and Hardcover)

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