From The Files of Patrick Coonan - Code Name Delta

CODE NAME DELTA is an exciting new series of relentless SUSPENSE, rampant ACTION, and international INTRIGUE, narrated in first person by its protagonist, Patrick Coonan, the undercover operative codenamed Delta. Coonan is an ex-U.S. Ranger sniper recruited as an "eliminator" by the Quadrille, a tight-knit special band of shadow warriors.

Founded and led by retired Col. Marlon Berkowitz, the Quadrille is the scourge of all enemies of the American Union and ─ in many instances ─ of the entire Free World, starting with the Russian mafia clans, the radical terrorist groups and all those enemy agents who attempt against the security and interests of the Free World.

"The book gets a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars for its engaging and thrilling narrative. The author takes the reader on a ride full of action, espionage, and thriller encounters. From start to finish, it's truly an enjoyable book, and I recommend it to all lovers of espionage novels, action thrillers and secret agent stories."