Collection - Female Authors

MX Publishing has over forty female authors around the world. Here is a list of their books which have been sorted by Author Name and include but not limited to:

Allison Osborne (X6)

A.S. Croyle (X4)

Charlotte Anne Walters (X3)

Charlotte Smith (X1)

Claire Daines (X2)

Diane Gilbert Madsen (X2)

Felicia Carparelli (X1)

Geri Shear (X4)

Gretchen Altabef (X4)

Hannah Rogers (X2)

Heather Edwards (X2)

Gayle Lange Puhl (X2)

Jay Ganguly (X2)

Jane Rubino (X1)

Janina Arndt (X2)

Janina Woods (X3)

Johanna Rieke (X6)

Lynnette Porter (X3)

Margaret Park Bridges (X1)

Margaret Walsh (X5)

Maureen Whittaker (X2)

Molly Carr

Nicko Vaughan

Tammy Garrison

Teresa Wimmer

Tracy Revels