Death in the Garden of England: A Mrs Hudson Mystery

Death in the Garden of England: A Mrs Hudson Mystery

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The Strand

After the excitement of her recent adventures in Paris, Mrs Hudson goes to stay with her married daughter Eleanor in Bilbourne, a little village in Kent, the Garden of England. It is September, and the hop-harvest is in full swing at the nearby plantation belonging to Thomas Brakefield.

But if Mrs Hudson was hoping for some peace and quiet away from the city, she is to be disappointed, soon caught up in dark passions that culminate in a brutal murder.

At great risk to herself, Mrs Hudson goes in pursuit of the perpetrator.

With a rich cast of characters that include the tyrannical Thomas himself, his beautiful and aloof wife Lydia and neglected daughter Eve, his arch-enemy the bluff Squire Simister and his dandified son Freddie, as well as disgruntled hop pickers and the poor work-house boy, Timothy, that Mrs Hudson takes under her wing, the stage is set for a tense and thrilling drama.

Susan Knight

296 Pages

ISBN 9781804241752



What ‘The Sherlock Holmes Journal of London’ said about Mrs Hudson goes to Ireland

Rarely do I finish a book in one sitting; on this occasion I had to burn the midnight oil to find out what happened in the end. If Mr Holmes ever worried about his competition, he need only look under his own roof; in Mrs Hudson, he may have well and truly met his match in terms of her investigating skills!    


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