Collection - Female Authors

MX Publishing has over 100 books written by over forty female authors from around the world. 

Allison Osborne, Alexandra Kitty, Amy Thomas, A.S. Croyle, Bianca Jenkins, Brenda Rossini, Brenda Seabrooke, Carrie Carlson, Charlotte Anne Walters, Charlotte Smith, Claire Daines, Claire Malcomson, Diane Gilbert Madsen, Dominique Gracia, Dorothy Ellen Palmer, Elizabeth Varadan, Elyssa Warkentin, Felicia Carparelli, Gayle Lange Puhl, Geri Shear, Gretchen Altabef, Gwendolyn Frame, Hannah Rogers, Heather Edwards, Jay Ganguly, Jane Rubino, Janina Arndt, Janina Woods, Johanna Rieke, Lynnette Porter, Marcia Wilson, Margaret Park Bridges, Margaret Walsh, Maureen Whittaker, Molly Carr, Nicko Vaughan, Susan Knight, Tammy Garrison, Teresa Wimmer, Tracy Revels, Wendy Heyman-Marsaw.

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