Vol 3 - The Redacted Sherlock Holmes

Vol 3 - The Redacted Sherlock Holmes

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Author Name: Orlando Pearson

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VOLUME III of THE REDACTED SHERLOCK HOLMES presents six more scintillating stories from the pen of Orlando Pearson about the great Baker Street detective.

Holmes investigates:

- Alarming events at the medical practice next door to Dr Watson;

- Missing autograph manuscripts in Fascist Italy;

- Climate change and a mysterious birth in London in 1894/95;

- Tax evasion by the London Softwear Company;

- The role of cricket in the rise of Hitler; and

- A Kafkaesque plot which foreshadows the banking crash of 2007/08

Mr Pearson mixes the Canon with events from history both very recent and from earlier epochs to show-case the talents of the Baker Street sleuth. In this latest volume:

- Dr Anstruther's Practice;

- The Red Priest's Treasure Trove;

- A Seasonal Tale;

- A Dutch Sandwich;

- A New Line of Attack; and

- The Trial of Joseph Carr

ISBN:  9781787050150 Page count: 228 Publication-date: 31st August 2016

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