Judgement Clay - Bernie Quist Book 3

Judgement Clay - Bernie Quist Book 3

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Author Name: Ian Jarvis 

A modern-day Sherlock Holmes, Bernie Quist operates as a consultant detective from Baker Avenue in York. His assistant is Watson, although this Watson is a streetwise youth from the Grimpen housing estate and he's definitely no doctor. The mismatched duo take on bizarre cases which invariably lead into the realms of the supernatural, a shadowy world that, thanks to his dark secret, Quist is all too familiar with.
The north of England has a new political group headed by Dominic Churchill. The White Rose Party campaign for Yorkshire independence, fairer wages and pensions, and the adoption of Yorkshire Pudding as Britain’s national dish. Unfortunately, white is the appropriate word, for their amiable façade conceals a far right organisation with a sinister racist agenda. Watson’s Jewish girlfriend has been attacked by Churchill’s thugs and Quist is determined to expose these white supremacists and end their rise to power.
The detective soon realises that Churchill and his people have been targeted by someone else, a highly dangerous individual with a terrifying supernatural weapon. This man also plans to end White Rose, but his idea of ending is a touch more homicidal and gruesome.
A dark and very peculiar game is afoot…

ISBN: 9781787054233 Page count: 284 Publication-date: 15th May 2019

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