Sherlock Holmes and The Glamorous Ghost Volume 3 - Paperback

Sherlock Holmes and The Glamorous Ghost Volume 3 - Paperback

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The Strand 

“Mr. Sherlock Holmes? I am or was, Lady Juliet Armstrong, Baroness Crestwell. Having been murdered, I am deceased and require your assistance.”

Thus began the strangest partnership in the long career of Sherlock Holmes. In Book One of this series we met the brash and bold, silly and sassy Lady Armstrong who wouldn’t let a simple thing like death stop her from seeking the great Detective’s help in solving the mystery of her violent and  untimely demise.

Further adventures followed and in Book Two, she and her dog Pookie became frequent companions to Holmes, Watson and yes, Mrs. Hudson. Sherlock Holmes and the Glamorous Ghost is the brainchild of author Harry DeMaio, creator of the famous Octavius Bear adventure series.

Now, welcome to Book Three! Juliet and Holmes are on the move. Paris, Brighton, The Orient Express, Vienna! Meet the glorious Lipizzaner stallions.  Say hello to Juliet’s family. Once again, join us for more comic and lighthearted mysteries of madcap mystical mischief and mayhem! Don’t forget Pookie!

Author   Harry DeMaio

ISBN      9781804241424

Pages    236

Format   Paperback

(also available in hardcover)


Praise for the Glamorous Ghost

“If ever you needed to be afraid of a ghost, Lady Juliet Armstrong, Baroness Crestwell is the one I'd steer clear of. Not that she is scary in a ghostly manner, but don't think you'd get away with murder when she's around. The fact that she is a bit of sidekick to the legendary Sherlock Holmes, should make any prospective murderer stop dead (yes, the pun is intended) in their tracks. After successfully bringing the perpetrator who did her in to justice, Lady Juliet once again manages to charm her way with the Powers that Be in Heaven to allow her returns to earth to be of assistance to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Of course she cannot wander the realms all by herself, so her trusted ghostly companion, Pookie, aids and abets throughout. In each volume  of Sherlock Holmes and the Glamorous Ghost, Pookie, the highly opinionated Bichon Frisè, provides ample comic relief and entertainment to the spirits and the humans alike. In typical Sherlock Holmes style, the volume is presented in the form of various short stories: All of these are well presented and easy reads.


This new collection of Sherlock Holmes adventures is bound to entertain the reader for hours and you wouldn't want to miss out on his ghostly dealings at all. Thank you to Reedsy Discovery for providing us with a copy of Sherlock Holmes and the Glamorous Ghost. We appreciate it and enjoyed it immensely. Reedsy.

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