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The Monographs (paperback)

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Have you ever wanted to truly know what goes on inside the head of Sherlock Holmes? Have you wanted to be able to read people and their expressions like books? Have you ever wanted to read a room and all the tells and clues that it provides? Then this is the book for you. The Monographs is a complete and comprehensive manual that will impart the lessons on everything you need to know to become a Deductionist in today’s world. Contained within you will learn how to think and approach problem solving like the famed detective, spot liars in person and through their handwriting, deduce clues, personality traits, and the personal details of people through their phones, watches and clothes. Figure out where people live from the shoes that they wear, deduce what they do for a living, how to build a memory palace as intricate and perfect as the one that is written about, histories, theory, application, how to train, practice and develop your skills. All this and much, much more. After you read this book not only will you see the world but you will truly observe what goes on inside it as well. Your name will still be your own, but you can make it your business to know what other people do not know.

ISBN: 9781780928500

Page count: 424 

Author Name: Ben Cardall 

Author Blog:  Learn the power of pragmatic thought and unleash the Sherlockian within from a real-life deductionist -

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