Dear Holmes - Mystery 1 - Wretched Gods and Gargoyles

Dear Holmes - Mystery 1 - Wretched Gods and Gargoyles

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Test your detective skills on one of the solved cases from Dear Holmes - the world's largest mail-based Sherlock Holmes mystery club. Every month fans get weekly letters in the mail with clues to solve a mystery.

With our test cases, you get a package containing all five letters - the four letters with clues and the solution letter from Sherlock Holmes himself. How many of the envelopes will you have to open to solve the case?

Ideal practice for your Dear Holmes subscription and a perfect gift for the Sherlockian in your life. 


Wretched Gods and Gargolyles by Kim Krisco

A burglar makes off with a hideous golden idol and the Fitzwaller family jewels, but Lord Henry Fitzwaller refuses to call in the authorities or file an insurance claim. Georgiana Levingworth, the companion to Lord Henry’s wife, wants to know why.

Letter by letter, Georgiana relays the tidbits of information to Sherlock Holmes in the hope that his singular mind might amass the details, solve the crime in absentia, and bring peace back to Hartfield Manor. In her quest to solve the mystery, the determined woman finds herself investigating an enigmatic bat talisman from Africa, a scheming Gypsy fortuneteller, and the local neighbors who claim to have seen a lithesome creature creeping in the moonlight in West Brompton.

This case first appeared in Dear Holmes in November 2018.


Kim Krisco is the author of multiple Sherlock Holmes short stories and novels, including the bestselling 'Sherlock Holmes - The Golden Years' , 'Irregular Lives: The Untold Story of Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars'. and 'The Celtic Phoenix'.

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