Thank Holmes Its Friday - April 5th 2024 - Bohemia

It's that time again - Thanks Holmes it's Friday and this week we share another fascinating nugget from our Sherlock Holmes Page Per Day Calendar. On this day in 1891, Conan Doyle submits "A Scandal in Bohemia" to The Stand Magazine.

A Scandal in Bohemia (essentially a story of disguise and deceit) marks the first appearance of Sherlock Holmes in a short story format and becomes the first among 38 stories to be illustrated by Sidney Paget. Herein, we meet Irene Adler, whose indomitable spirit and cunning mind crown her one of the most unforgettable female icons within the Sherlock Holmes saga.

"A Scandal in Bohemia" holds a special place in the hearts of countless Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts. It is no surprise then that a wealth of examinations, retellings, adaptations, and reinterpretations of this beloved story exist. Within our own unique collection, we proudly present more than a dozen titles that draw inspiration from this adored narrative. Plus, our collaboration with esteemed partners including The Strand Magazine, offers a treasure trove of content for all who admire Holmes' timeless adventures.



Welcome to a collection of books influenced by "The Scandal of Bohemia" and its main characters, ranging from literary works that analyze the story to modern reinterpretations.



Immerse yourself in a graphic novel that skillfully captures the scandalous tale, allowing you to visualize every twist and turn. Additionally, explore a remarkable compilation of Sidney Paget illustrations, which beautifully depict the essence of the characters and their world. For a truly unique and original interpretation, delve into the pages of "Sherlock Holmes Re-Imagined" in which the story comes alive through the artistry of custom-made LEGO® creations.

Whether you prefer scholarly analyses that challenge the mind, visual storytelling that captivates the senses, or creative reinterpretations that ignite the imagination, there is something here for every Sherlock Holmes enthusiast.






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A Scandal in Serbia: Part Three of Sherlock Holmes and the Crowned Heads of Europe by Thomas A. Turley

Sherlockian Musings: Thoughts on the Sherlock Holmes Stories by Sheldon Goldfarb

56 Sherlock Holmes Stories in 56 Days by Charlotte Walters

Sherlock & Irene: The Secret Truth Behind "A Scandal in Bohemia" by Chris Chan