New 2019

New Sherlock Holmes Books for 2019 



17th September - The Merchant of Menace - Richard Ryan

19th September - The Camera Case (Octavius Bear Book 10) - Harry DeMaio

26th September - The Literary Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Volume 1 - Daniel D Victor

28th September - Too Many Clues (McCabe and Cody) - Dan Andriacco

17th October - Musings on the Canon: Studies in the Sherlock Holmes Stories - Sheldon Goldfarb

24th October -  The Literary Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Volume 2 - Daniel D Victor

25th October - The Molly Boy Murders - Margaret Walsh

7th November - Mrs Hudson Investigates - Susan Knight

14th November - Sherlock Holmes - These Scattered Houses - Gretchen Altabef

21st November - Sherlock Holmes - The Baker Street Legacy - Mark Mower

21st November - The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Imagination Theatre Volumes I, II, III) - David Marcum