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The MX Audio Collection includes exclusive new interviews with leading Sherlockians alongside a growing range of short stories and books. The app includes new content every month.

For example, we have added 'Jeremy Brett IS Sherlock Holmes' the incredible biography of Brett's portrayal of Holmes. With around ten hours of audio narrated by Holmes actor Luke Barton, the book is the definitive review  of Brett's time at Granada. 

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What's included in the app so far?


1. The Sherlockian Interview 

Reacher And Sherlock with Lee Child

Mr Holmes with Jefrey Hatcher

100% Sherlock with Nicholas Meyer

All About Enola with Nancy Springer

The King of Bohemia with Otto Penzler

Wiggins: Son of Sherlock with Dorothy Palmer

Sherlock Holmes Podcasts with Scott Monty and Burt Wolder

Sherlock Holmes Author Panel 1 - with Alistair Duncan, Richard Ryan, Martin Daley, Orlando Pearson, Susan Knight and Tom Turley.

The New Cases of Sherlock Holmes with Janet Shaw


2. Sherlock Holmes Short Stories

The Adventure of The Aspen Papers - Daniel Victor

The Adventure of The Fateful Malady - Craig Janacek

The Adventure of The Christmas Stocking - Paul D Gilbert

The Adventure of The Missing Necklace - Daniel Victor

Larcey In The Sky With Diamonds - Robert V Stapleton

The Onion Vendor's Secret - Marcia Wilson

The Adventure of The Empty Manger - Tracy Revels

The Adventure of The Long Lost Enemy - Marcia Wilson

The Adventure of The Regular Passenger - Paul D Gilbert

(narrators include J.T. McDaniel, Luke Barton and Mike Langan)


3. Sherlock Holmes Audiobooks

Sherlock Cat and The Missing Mousie (Children's Book)

Jeremy Brett IS Sherlock Holmes (Biography)

Sherlock Holmes and The Strange Death of Brigadier-General Delves (Novel)


4. Sherlockian Theatre

Sherlock Holmes Studies In Scarlet - with Jonathan Goodwin

A Case of Identify - with Jonathan Goodwin


5. The Deductionist 

Mind Palace Methods - with Ben Cardall