Behind The Scenes of The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories

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Author Interviews Published.  More On The Way: 

Oct 20th - Paul Hiscock a regular contributor to the series appears in Part XLII with his tenth case: Mr. Phillimore’s Umbrella - a traditional story based on a reference in ‘The Problem of Thor Bridge’.  Whatever happened to Mr. James Phillimore and what was so significant about his umbrella? Finally, the truth can be revealed about one of the few cases investigated by Sherlock Holmes that he never solved! 

Oct 17th - Ember Pepper, a more recent contributor to the MX Collection has two stories featured in Part XL: 1877-1887 - these entitled: The Adventure of the Murdered Mistress and Mathews of Charing Cross. Ember has written two Holmes and Lovecraft crossover novels and is also working on a connected universe of  Sherlock Holmes pastiches. 

Oct 14th - David Marcum. As well as editor and chief, David has contributed another three stories to the collection - The Laodiciean Letters, A Dreadful Record of Sin and The Tracking and Arrest of a Cold-Blooded Scoundrel. David has written over 110 Holmes pastiches and 30 Solar Pons adventures.

Oct 12th - Thomas A. Burns appears in Part XLII: 1895-1903 with Death in the Workhouse. Burns Holmes' stories are typically based on some facet of Victoriana and in this story he explores workhouses, a Victorian solution for poor relief. He also writes the contemporary series, the Natalie McMasters Mysteries.

Oct 10th - Will Murray appears in Part XLI: 1887-1894 with The Difficult Ordeal of the Paradol Chamber.  Will has written more than 45 Sherlock Holmes stories scattered over about as many anthologies.

Oct 6th - DJ Tyrer appears in Part XLII: 1895-1903 with The Mulberry Frock Coat Mystery. As well as writing other traditional continuity stories, Tyrer has crossed the Yellow Mythos of Robert W. Chambers with Sherlock Holmes on a couple of occasions.

Oct 6th - Mike Chinn appears in Part XLI: 1887-1894 with The Mystery of the Unstolen Document - a story inspired by London's 19th century pornography industry centred around Holywell Street.  Mike's first foray into Sherlock Holmes fiction was an occult detective team-up.

Oct 5th - Susan Knight appears in Part XL: 1877-1887 with The Adventure of the Old Russian Woman and Part XLII: 1895-1903 with The St. Pancras Puzzle. Susan  has contributed twelve stories to anthologies since 2019, and a collection of nine of these will be published in November 2023, under the title, The Strange Case of the Pale Boy and Other Mysteries.

Oct 3rd - Brett Fawcett appears in Part Part XL: 1877-1887 with The True Account of the Dorrington Ruby Affair. This story is written as a prequel to the Raffles stories (particularly "Gentlemen and Players" and "The Return Match"), fitting with the canons of both Holmes and Raffles. 

Oct 2nd -  David MacGregor appears in Part XLI: 1887-1894 with The Amateur Mendicant Society. This story was inspired by the reference to The Amateur Mendicant Society In "The Five Orange Pips"

Oct 1st - Margaret Walsh appears in Part XLI: 1887-1894 with The Strange Case of the Disappearing Factor. On discovering that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had created the Island of Uffa for his story “Our Midnight Visitor”, Margaret could not resist a story that takes Sherlock Holmes there.

Sept 30th - Barry Clay has two stories featured in Part XLII: 1895-1903 - these entitled The Theft at the Wallace Collection and The Impossible Adventure of the Vanishing Murderer. Barry writes across a range of genres including comedy, science fiction, mystery, and horror but his big sellers are his Sherlock Holmes Books - "The Darkened Village", "The Leveson-Gower Theft", and "The Medium of Death" among them.

Sept 28th - Naching Kassa appears in Part XLI: 1887-1894 with The Adventure of the Tired Captain. In this story Holmes and Watson find a man fast asleep in the street while on an evening constitution and like her other stories this has a bizarre twist.

Sept 25th -  Paul D. Gilbert appears in Part XLI: 1887-1894 with The Mystery of the Three Mendicants. A Prolific Holmes author, this is the only top ten ‘untold tale’ that Paul has not previously attempted.