On this page you'll find details of all new up and coming book launches plus our special offers available for this store. 

New Books and Publications

MX Publishing are now the authorised distributers of The Strand Magazine within Europe.  One and two year subscriptions can be purchased from us at a 25% discount.  And throughout the Summer we're offering a free mystery book with every subscription.

We have a host of new books coming in 2020. New authors, new volumes for the MX Collection, New Art of Sherlock Holmes and much more.


Due out this summer:

4th Jun - The Wurst Case Scenario (Octavius Bear Book 11) - Harry Demaio

11th Jun - Sherlock Holmes and The Cornwall Affair - Johanna Reike

18th Jun - Further Little Known Cases of Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Hall

25th Jun - The Astounding Murder At Cloverwood House (Book 6 in the Sherlock Holmes and The American Literati Series) - Daniel D Victor

30th Jun - The Art of Sherlock Holmes, Global Edition II - Phil Growick

27th Aug - Sherlock & Irene: The Secret Truth Behind "A Scandal in Bohemia" - Chris Chan

10th Sep - Sherlockian Stories and Studies. - Gayle Lange Puhl

12th Sep - Jeremy Brett - Playing a Part - Maureen Whittaker

17th Sep - Sherlock Holmes And The Adventure of The Beer Barons - Chris James

1st Oct - Murderer's Row - McCabe and Cody Casebook 2 - Dan Andriacco

8th Oct - Through A Glass Starkly - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure - Richard T Ryan

15th Oct - The Dramatic Moment of Fate: The Life of Sherlock Holmes in the Theatre - Alexandra Kitty

4th Nov - Sherlock Holmes and The Thames Murders - Johanna M. Reike

11th Nov - Mrs Hudson Goes To Ireland - Susan Knight 


Released earlier this year

30th Jan  - The Art of Sherlock Holmes, Global Edition 1 - Phil Growick

2nd Apr  - The Complete Dr Thorndyke Volumes III, IV and V - David Marcum

9th Apr - Mrs Hudson Takes The Stage - Barry Brown

16th Apr - Sherlock Holmes and The Perplexed Politician - Margaret Walsh

30th Apr - The Redacted Sherlock Holmes Volume 6 - Orlando Pearson

22nd May - The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories Volumes XIX, XX and XXI - David Marcum


Art of Sherlock Holmes Promotions

To celebrate the launch of the first global edition of The Art of Sherlock Holmes we have some special promotions for you to enjoy.   

FREE personalisation.  Add a personal message inside any Art of Sherlock Holmes book.  Once added to the cart you'll need to enter promo code "personalised" and include details of the dedication and/or message you'd like printed

Art Book and Print Bundle.  Buy any Art of Sherlock Holmes book and get one of 42 beautiful art prints half price.  Enter promo code "artprintpromo"

3 for 2 on 42 different Art Prints.  Buy two Art of Sherlock Holmes prints authenticated by the Conan Doyle Estate and get a third one FREE.  Enter promo code "3for2"