The Three Locks (A Sherlock Holmes Adventure Book 4)

The Three Locks (A Sherlock Holmes Adventure Book 4)

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Review (Alistair Duncan)

"It is definitely the case that MacBird's series grows stronger with each book and she remains, in my opinion, the best and most faithful pastiche writer out there today - bar none."


A heatwave melts London as Holmes and Watson are called to action in this new Sherlock Holmes adventure by Bonnie MacBird.

In the West End, a renowned Italian escape artist dies spectacularly on stage during a performance – immolated in a gleaming copper cauldron of his wife’s design. In Cambridge, the runaway daughter of a famous don is found drowned, her long blonde hair tangled in the Jesus Lock on the River Cam. And in Baker Street, a mysterious locksmith exacts an unusual price to open a small silver box sent to Watson.

From the glow of London’s theatre district to the buzzing Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge where physicists explore the edges of the new science of electricity, Holmes and Watson race between the two cities to solve the murders, encountering prevaricating prestidigitators, philandering physicists and murderous mentalists, all the while unlocking secrets which may be best left undisclosed. And one, in particular, is very close to home.

Author: Bonnie MacBird

Pages: 432

ISBN: 9780008380830

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Harper Collins

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