The Art of Sherlock Holmes - USA Standard Edition

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Book released on 24th October with personalised copies shipping in September.

About The Art of Sherlock Holmes

Non-personalised version available from Amazon USA.  


The Standard Edition is printed on standard grade colour paper (Special Edition also available)

The full list of artists and authors involved:


Alex Arshanky, Aaron Schwartz, Bruce Helander,Jeffrey and Michael Bisaillion, Eleanor Niz, Rafael Glückstern Gardos, Angela Fegan, Jhina Alvarado, Andrea Perez Bessin, Christina Major, Diego Perez, Krystal Sutton, Alexander Yulish.


Charles Veley and Anna Elliott, Robert Perret, David Marcum, Mark Mower, Tony Reynolds, Denis Smith, Tom Turley, Thomas Fortenberry, Tracy Revels, Richard Paolinelli, Mike Hogan, Tim Symonds, Dick Gillman.