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Bertram Fletcher Robinson: A Footnote to the Hound of the Baskervilles

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This five book collection has over 1400 pages and contains 42 facsimiles of items that were each written by Bertram Fletcher Robinson (hereafter BFR).

  • Bertram Fletcher Robinson - this book gives an overview of BFR's life and works and it also details the extent of his collaboration with Arthur Conan Doyle over 'The Hound Of The Baskervilles' (1901).  It also features a facsimile of a non fictional article that BFR wrote about Dartmoor (1904).  The Book was described as "a full scale biography of Fletcher Robinson" by 'The Sherlock Holmes Journal' (Winter 2008).
  • Aside Arthur Conan Doyle - this book features 20 illustrated short stories (1899-1907) by BFR and it also explores their links to the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  BFR jointly authored 7 of the tales with his friend, Sir John Malcolm Fraser.  According to the 'Western Morning News' newspaper this collection "proves that Fletcher Robinson was more than capable of producing good work" (14 March 2009).  
  • The World of Vanity Fair - this book features 15 non-fictional articles by BFR about notable Victorian and Edwardian figures (1868-1907).  It also includes nearly 400 colour illustrations by various portrait artists including Carlo Pellegrine ('Ape') and BFR's friend, Sir Leslie Ward ('Spy').  This book was featured in 'The Bookbag May 2009 Newsletter'.
  • Bobbles & Plum - this book features 4 satirical playlets (1904-1907) by BFR and his friend, Sir PG Wodehouse.  It also includes a facsimile of the sheet music for 'The John Bull Store Song' (1903) which was produced by BFR (lyrics) and Robert Eden (music).  This book was featured in an article entitled 'Earliest Wodehouse Satires Discovered' by 'The Observer' newspaper (26 July 2009).
  • Rugby Football During the Nineteenth Century - this item features a facsimile of BFR's first book entitled 'Rugby Football' (1896).  It was written shortly after members of the Rugby Football Union became bitterly divided over a proposal to pay 'match expenses' to players and it includes contributions by five international players. The book was voted 'Book of the Month' by 'Rugby World Magazine' (June 2010) and it has since been nominated for 'Rugby Book of the Year 2010'.


Author Name: Paul R Spiring

ISBN:   9781904312406

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