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Rugby column By Frankie Deges “The second book is the labour of love of a Kiwi-born, Brazilian resident Paul Tait. For reasons that beat me, he has written, in English, the very interesting “Rugby World Cup Argentina 2023” in which he analyses the many reasons why after the England (2015) and Japan (2019) World Cups, the following should come our way. He sounds like a lunatic, but some of the ideas he puts across are interesting. Not that the Argentina Rugby Union have already taken notice of this book, but he has done a lot of research on what makes...

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[caption id="attachment_595" align="alignright" width="116" caption="A History of Sunderland RFC"][/caption] "Books on North East rugby are few and far between, but the trend has been bucked by a fascinating history of Sunderland RFC. Titled One Among Many, Keith Gregson’s release uses the Wearside club as the focus for a much broader work, giving a superb insight into the development of the game in the region." The Journal reviewed the book in their Scrumdown section of the paper, a detailed full page review, and the full review is available online at JournalLive. One Among Many is available from all good bookstores including...

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A week before the Rugby World Cup 2011 and we can see what a huge commercial event is has become. A quick visit to the official website and right there on the home page are not only the tickets - a semi-final ticket if you can get one has a face value of $300-$800 - but the merchandise too. If you want an All Blacks official jersey that will set you back a cool $180. That makes £40 for a premiership football shirt look like a bargain. It wasn't always this way. There was a time when to play...

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[caption id="attachment_595" align="alignright" width="116" caption="A History of Sunderland RFC"][/caption] MX author Keith Gregson is currently putting the final touches to his history of Sunderland RFC 'in its historical context'. Keith says that he is really pleased with the outcome. "At first I thought that it would only be the Victorian and Edwardian periods that would be appealing with rugby union's battle with soccer,  rugby league and  the question of professionalism, However I have found equal interest in the lmost recent  three or four decadeswith the reality of rugby union leagues, union professionalism and the growth of mini and junior rugby....

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Keith Gregson's book on Sunderland Rugby Club is making good progress. It's due for launchon the 10th October in time for the Rugby World Cup and is called 'One Among Many - The story of Sunderland Rugby Football Club (1873) in its historical context' Keith told us this week; 'This comes on the back of a book I've been doing on British sport in general. I am conscious of trying to produce a work that is both interesting and useful to those with an eye to wider sport history. So far so good as the club archives are throwing up...

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I have to admit to being a late convert in life to the game of Rugby - well into my thirties. Coming from a football family I didn't realise the huge gulf between the preening primadonnas and big money of the modern game of football, and the more gentleman's game of rugby football. Every game I watch reinforces that it's all about the game - not the hype around it. It has been a delight to publish the re-release of 'Rugby Football in the Nineteenth Century' originally published by the Isthmian Library back in the late 1800s when Rugby split...

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