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"Hern excellently describes living with cancer." The Lancet We mentioned in a previous article that our proudest moment as a publisher came with Keith Hern's appearance as an advocate for a mouth cancer charity on ITV's This Morning and the recent review in The Lancet came very close as well. The Lancet is the most revered of medical journals and to even get considered important enough for a review is an honour. Below are comments and extracts from the long review which appears in Volume 11, December 2010. Bangers and Mash charts Keith's battle against throat cancer with the help...

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Keith Hern talks honestly and frankly about throat cancer - from the moment of finding the lump through to getting the all-clear - chemotherapy, radiotherapy and NLP and the effect on friends and family.

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Olive Hickmott and Keith Hern have several things in common. Both have suffered with cancer (Keith now for the 2nd time), both have written inspiring books that are giving hope to other sufferers, and both have a strong respect for the role NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has taken on the mental side of battling their cancer.

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