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[caption id="attachment_420" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Global Expansion"][/caption] Two years ago we sold into half a dozen countries. In 2011 we are selling and marketing in to more than 20. The market is truly global now for the small independent publisher. Why? It’s true that we have seen an expansion of the print on demand (POD) capabilities of our partners so we are selling more physical books into Europe and that’s a part of the growth. It is however ebooks combined with social media that have opened many new markets up. Of course Kindle is the heavyweight, and we can't wait for...

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We are facing the first truly electronic Christmas trading period in the book publishing industry, and looking back on the last twelve months it has been an incredible period of change. In November 2009 we were preparing for Christmas in a fairly traditional way as a publisher. Getting stocks in, a series of signings with Borders and Waterstones, and ten new books - everyone wants to be out for the big selling period. Twelve months on and the publishing industry has changed beyond recognition. Borders have gone from the UK (RIP – we will miss them) and the electronic revolution...

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