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Here are some recommendations for NLP books this christmas - ones that we ourselves will be gifting to friends and family. Some are for specific groups of people, but we kick off with one general one on New Year Resolutions.  Make New Year Resolutions and Keep Them Using NLP (Donna Blinston). The majority of us see the new year as an opportunity to make changes in our lives, and whether you have a formal new years resolution list, or just want to find a way to keep to a few specific things, this simple and practical book from Donna Blinston has worked...

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Following the phenomenal reaction around the world to Keith Hern's book on throat cancer and NLP (Bangers and Mash), including his appearance on ITV's This Morning as an advocate for throat cancer awareness, the forthcoming book on NLP and breast cancer from Rosie O'Hara is eagerly awaited. Rosie is an NLP practitioner herself, so the book goes in to a lot of detail on the techniques she used. We pinned Rosie down briefly after a weekend of training NLP Practitioners (and Belly Dancing in between she tells us) in sunny Aberdeen for a quick interview. Why was writing No More...

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Dominating the news across the UK yesterday was the new report highlighting the link between social drinking and throat cancer. Lead interview for many of the news networks (SKY, ITV etc) was Keith Hern, whose book Bangers and Mash charts his battle against throat cancer. Keith is now an ambassador for several cancer charities and advocate for moderation. Fellow MX author Alex Buckley agrees. His recent book Lose Weight in 20 minutes has caused quite a stir by stating the obvious - moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle. The difference with Alex is he shares the ways to...

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A wonderful article from Dentistry highlights today that a very surprising 'front line' of defence against mouth cancer is in fact your dentist. Especially if you are a smoker, your dentist is the perfect person to detect mouth cancer early enough for you to be able to survive it. The whole article is here - Smokers Urged To Visit The Dentist.

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With our focus on new technology and industry trends, sometimes we can lose sight of the power of the written word to change lives. In an uplifting story, a book by a London cancer patient, himself given a 40% probability of survival, is helping thousands of cancer patients come to terms with their illness. Read more....

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"Hern excellently describes living with cancer." The Lancet We mentioned in a previous article that our proudest moment as a publisher came with Keith Hern's appearance as an advocate for a mouth cancer charity on ITV's This Morning and the recent review in The Lancet came very close as well. The Lancet is the most revered of medical journals and to even get considered important enough for a review is an honour. Below are comments and extracts from the long review which appears in Volume 11, December 2010. Bangers and Mash charts Keith's battle against throat cancer with the help...

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