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Every Sunday we're going to celebrate a Sherlock Holmes author with free audiobook codes and offers on all their books.  

This week its one of our most prolific authors - Dan Andriacco. His McCabe and Cody series has more than a dozen books and he has many other short stories, novels and collaborations.

For the audiobooks please fill in our contact form with letting us know which country you are in and which books you would like.

For print books use the code 'dan' to get 3for2 (or indeed 6for4 or 9for6) off any of his books - Dan Andriacco Author Profile.


Baker Street Beat

A diverse collection of Sherlock Holmes related writings including several essays, short stories, and two radio plays. Andriacco's obsession with matters Sherlockian is obvious, and there is much here for Sherlock Holmes fans to enjoy.



Sherlock Holmes In The Adventure of The Magic Umbrella

Sherlock Holmes undertakes one of the strangest adventures of his career when he agrees to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Mr. James Phillimore, who stepped back into his house to get his umbrella and was never seen again. The great detective's inquiries take him down a sometimes-false trail from a home in Surrey to a music hall in London and back again before he finds the astonishing answer to this puzzling problem. In The Problem of Thor Bridge, Dr. Watson lists this case as one of Holmes's complete failures. Listen to The Adventure of the Magic Umbrella to find why Watson agreed to his readers with that false report, and what the umbrella had to do with it. 


No Police Like Holmes

The Investigating Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes Colloquium and donation of the third largest private collection of Sherlockiana in the world were supposed to produce a weekend of great publicity for tiny St. Benignus college in Erin, Ohio. But when theft and murder come to campus, college public relations director Jeff Cody finds himself knee-deep in Sherlockian suspects, besieged by an aggressive reporter he loves but no longer dates, and competing with his eccentric brother-in-law Sebastian McCabe to solve the crimes first. The mess worsens when Jeff and his ex-girlfriend Lynda Teal themselves fall under suspicion of murder - and with good reason, for they have something to hide. This satirical romp takes Sherlock Holmes seriously, but not Holmesians. A witty and engaging spoof sure to delight not only the deerstalker set but mystery fans in general.


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