Sherlock Book Review - Mrs Hudson Investigates

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I believe this is Susan Knight’s first collection of stories about the investigative abilities of Sherlock Holmes’s esteemed housekeeper, Mrs Martha Hudson. And a triumph it is too. The book contains seven tales, all told with great clarity and affection. Not all are full-blown investigations, but each has its place in helping us to understand the character — and hitherto unrecognised talents — of dear Mrs Hudson. Throughout the volume we have occasional glimpses of “the doctor” and “Mr H”, but it is Mrs Hudson who rightly remains centre stage. This is an extremely humorous book that shines a light on the domestic arrangements at 221B which we rarely get the opportunity to read about. Let’s hope the author has further stories planned.” 

Reviewed by The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

Mrs Hudson Investigates is available from:

The Strand Magazine  (special offer)

Amazon USA   Barnes and Noble

Amazon UK     Book Depository (free worldwide delivery)

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