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How to flirt: lessons for women with The Guardian

Flirt Diva Sue Ostler is joined by Guardian journalist Helen Croydon out and about in London's Covent Garden on a Friday night to try out Sue's flirting techniques. Drawing from her new book 'Flirt Diva' Sue takes Helen through her paces as a flirt class first-timer and takes on the 'less sophisticated one-liner lads'. "Ostler claims that learning to flirt should have a far higher-reaching aim than getting someone's phone number. "It is about lighting the spark to your personality and letting people see it shine through. Flirting opens yourself up to new people and opportunities. What I teach helps ladies socially and in work situations." It seems then that flirting is more about learning to be liked, not learning to be fancied. From what I saw, the pick-up theory for the boys is far less advanced. It's worth reading through some of the comments on the article - we especially like the poor guy that tried to re-enact a scene from The Game. Full article here: