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Sherlock Holmes: Tales From The Strangers Room 3

Sherlock Holmes: Tales From The Strangers Room 3

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David Ruffle

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Welcome back once more to the Stranger’s Room. The fire is blazing so help yourself to a brandy, pull up a chair to the fire and enjoy these tales from established and new Holmesian writers. Encompassing as they do tradition, humour and quirkiness, there is something for everyone. Enjoy!

Featuring: David Ruffle, Danielle Gastineau, David Marcum, Soham Bagchi, Robert Perret, Mark Mower, Margaret Walsh, Anna Lord, Arthur Hall, Geri Schear, Jennifer Met, S F Bennett, Craig Janacek. Royalties from all the authors are being donated to Stepping Stones School at Undershaw.

3rd August 2017
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