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Electronic Voice Phenomenon - EVP: Never Talk To Strangers

Electronic Voice Phenomenon - EVP: Never Talk To Strangers

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J. Andrew Taylor

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Tim Sharp, a sound editor for a mid-west college, had always lived his life as a paradox. Half of his life was spent in tireless pursuit of the next scientific or technological advancement; the other half was usually filled by ‘role-playing’ and video games, or fantasy novels. He held only a passing interest in the paranormal, but he was at least intrigued by the possibility. When he met Carley Newquist, his two worlds collided with a mind and heart-numbing crash. Both Tim and Carley would remember the day that old Professor Freeman came into the sound editing lab with a mysterious recording and a strange request as the day that changed everything.

Old Professor Freeman tells Tim and Carley of a strange incident in a recent class, involving half of his students turning in an assignment late; and they all offer their recordings as proof of what the Professor requested. After interviewing most of the students in class that day, Tim and Carley’s investigations are halted by a secretive student who refuses to talk.

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