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2017 starts with the fantastic BBC Sherlock Series 4 breaking viewer records and it’s going to be a great year for Sherlock Holmes books too. We have volumes VI and VII of the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories coming in May and October, lots of new novels, short story collections and novellas. A nice mix of existing and new writers too. Rich Ryan follows up his blockbuster ‘Vatican Cameos’ which was endorsed by Lee Child (author of the ‘Reacher’ series) with his next novel ‘The Stone of Destiny’. Petr Macek’s third novel ‘Sherlock Holmes and Hitler’s Messenger of Death’ is one of our first releases. February also sees a modern Holmes tale from Ian Jarvis – ‘Cat Flap’ follows a consulting detective based in the city of York.

Check out our Competition page for chances to win our new books.

We also have many audio books planned. In 2016 we launched over sixty of our titles in audio and with a dozen narrator partners we are launching new titles every week.

1st February - Cat Flap by Ian Jarvis

9th February - Sherlock Holmes and the Menacing Monk by Allan Mitchell

15th February - Sherlock Holmes and Hitler’s Messenger of Death by Petr Macek

22nd February - Sherlock Holmes and The Portal of Time by Michael Druce

1st March - Sherlockian Ruminations from a Stormy Petrel by Brenda Rossini

8th March - Graceland Cemetery in Chicago - A Sherlockian Walk Midst the Tombstones by Brenda Rossini

15th March - Sherlock Holmes and The Whitechapel Murders - An account of the matter by John Watson M.D. by Mark Sohn

22nd May - The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories - Part VI: 2017 Annual by David Marcum

5th June - Canon of The Non Sacred Writings by Richard K Tobin

13th June - The Trials of Sherlock Holmes by James Moffett

15th June - The Final Tales Of Sherlock Holmes - Volume Four: The Kew Gardens Gnomes by John A. Little

21st June - The Adventure of the Dancing Men–The Return of Sherlock Holmes Re-Imagined by James Macaluso

22nd June - The Diary of Young Arthur Conan Doyle – Book 1 - Adventures in The Wild West 1878

12th September - The Diary of Young Arthur Conan Doyle – Book 2 - Adventures in Russia 1881

14th September - The Stone of Destiny : A Sherlock Holmes Adventure - Rich Ryan's follow up to the international bestseller 'The Vatican Cameos'.

14th September - Sherlock Holmes and the Ley Line Murders by Allan Mitchell

21st September - The Music of Sound by Ian Jarvis

24th October - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow — Re-Imagined by James Macaluso

7th November - Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street Case Files by Mark Mower

17th November - The Diary of Young Arthur Conan Doyle - Book 3 - Adventures in America 1883


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