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Keith Hern has battled throat cancer twice with the help of his NLP coach, and his book 'Bangers and Mash' is a #1 bestseller in several countries for cancer patients and those facing ciritcal trauma.

In November Keith appeared live on ITV's This Morning in an eleven minute interview as an advocate for the Mouth Cancer Foundation. ITV have kindly agreed to have the full interview on their website - click here to watch it - ITV Interview.


Cancer hospitals around the world are encouraging their specialists and surgeons to read the book as it gives vital insight into what a cancer patient goes through. Keith is convinced that alongside the chemotherapy and radiotherapy NLP played a vital role in helping him beat the disease.

Bangers and Mash is available from all good bookstores, on Amazon's Kindle, iBooks for the iPad and iPhone, through Kobo books and several other ebook formats.

A professional photographer, Keith is now pursuing his lifelong dream to bring the sights and sounds of other countries to life through his photographs. His first major project 'Zimbabwe In Pictures' was release on 6th December and is so stunning that Ingram Inc who print it have asked for permission to use is as a sample of how amazing colour digital printing can be.

We look forward to many more colour book project with Keith throughout 2011 and beyond. Any countries that would like to have an incredible book to entice visitors to their country should get in touch with Keith via KeithHern.com.

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