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Guinness Worlds Record Attempt

[photos on this page from The Remarkable Studio]  19th July 2014, UCL, London.
113 people dressed as Sherlock Holmes joined us at University College London and the world's press was there with 7 television crews and dozens of photographers. You can see the press coverage on the Undershaw Preservation Trust Facebook (UPT) page. Press so far include BBC, Mirror, Metro, Sunday Express, Sunday Independent, and many others. 
Outfits for the day were supplied by Joking Around Fancy Dress who went the extra mile by driving all the way own from Bradford the night before to ensure we had enough outfits!
It was a glorious day - we recorded the record attempt (we'll find out soon if we did it) and had a big raffle raising money for UPT. A big thankyou to all the kind supporters who donated personal items including;
Mark Gatiss (BBC Sherlock), Stephen Fry, Louise Brealey (BBC Sherlock), Ian Rankin, Anthony Horowitz, Diane Madsen [The Conan Doyle Notes], The Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes Hotel, and Petr Kopl [A Scandal In Bohemia Graphic Novel], John Gibson, and many more. 
There were several families that came along with childeren dressed up - one young lad is a worldwide star now featured in most of the press photos!
We are all celebrating that after more than five years of fighting for the future of Undershaw, it has now been bought by Stepping Stones and will become a school for children with learning difficullties. The restoration starts soon and aims to be coomplete by next September 2015. We're working closley with the new owners to help with the restoration and raise funds towards the project. Click here for an Undershaw Update on the restoration.
If you'd like to know more about Undershaw, try 'An Entirely New Country' by Alistair Duncan which is a very comprehensive review of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's time at the house.
Many of our books donate royalties to the Trust, click here for our Undershaw Books.
Click here for information about the Leeds Guinness Worlds Record attempt on 31st August.

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