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The Octavius Bear Series

Welcome to Octavius Bear’s Mysterious Universes

Harry DeMaio

Has our world really gone to the dogs?  Maybe, but in the alternate universes of The Casebooks of Octavius Bear, they have certainly gone to the animals. Imagine worlds where Homo Sapiens no longer exists and has been displaced by anthropomorphic animals that are, for better or worse, very much like their human counterparts – up to a point. A subtle mix of characters designed to inspire laughs, head scratching and “ahas” propels these mysteries for adult animal lovers. From Octavius, a nine foot, 1100 pound, Kodiak crime fighting genius, to the evil masterminds he encounters, each has a unique but biologically faithful personality.  The adventures rollick along at super speed and to keep perspective, there are brief diversions to describe how these alternate civilizations came about, developed and persist. And, oh yes, to help keep the story and characters in focus, there are limericks:

                        For Octavius, Fighter of Crime,

                        Every chapter begins with a rhyme.

                        It may help with the plot

                        Or untangle a knot

                        Or just set up a place and a time.

Anyway, if you like mysteries, fantasies, animal lore, social commentary and humor, there’s something in these books for you. The Great Bear and I hope you enjoy them.

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